Custom made bronze trophies

Bronze casting items make beautiful and exceptional awards.

Bronze foundry is the ideal material for either elegant custom made bronze trophies, striking gifts or impressive commemorative plaques.

Bronze casting trophies

We create beautiful custom made bronze casting trophies of all sizes and shapes: their peculiar weight and lustre make them especially prestigious awards.

Custom made bronze Trophy for the
“Ecole du Ski Français” association.
Height: 150mm (5.9″) – Weight: 1.4kg

Best Employee Reward with
a customized engraved plate.
Height: 150mm (5.9″) – Weight: 2.2kg

Symbolic Military
Bronze Casting Reward.
Height: 160mm (6.3″) – Weight: 0.7kg

Bronze casting gifts

Since bronze casting pieces are moulded, they can take various shapes. That is why we can create both original and elegant customized items through this technique.

Depending on your original artwork, your budget and the time span for the creation of your gift, you can rely on us to recommend bronze casting when it is best suited.

Bronze ashtray or trinket bowl.
Diameter: 120mm (4.7″) – Weight: 0.5kg

Small bronze paperweight in the shape of a gold bar.
Width: 85mm (3.3″) – Weight: 0.4kg

Bronze paperweight with a
silver plated puzzle logo.
Width: 70mm (2.8″) – Weight: 0.4kg

Bronze casting plaques

Whether you wish a commemorative plaque, a building name plate or an architects’ firm plaque, these pieces will keep their beautiful look forever even if they are placed outdoors and subject to climatic variations. The dimensions of bronze casting plaques range between 100mm (3.9″) and 1 meter (39.4″).

Bronze commemorative plaque for a company anniversary.

Bronze commemorative plaque for the anniversary of a twinning.

An architects’ firm plaque in bronze.

If you are interested in creating custom made bronze trophies or any bronze casting items, please refer to our chapter “Creation of your Award” which will explain the information that we should exchange in order to reach the proposal that best suits your project.