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Who we are

F.I.A. stands for Factory of Artistic Insignias, “Fabrique d’Insignes Artistiques” in French. Our company was created in 1928 by a French jeweller near Lyon, in the south-east of France. We have inherited the traditional skills of stamping precious metals. Since 1928, we have been creating and manufacturing custom medals  and bronze awards for many organizations all over the world. Our clients range from large, prestigious organizations to small groups, each with the same goal: a personalised medal to serve as a strong artistic symbol of their values.

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FIA - About us & Our Workshop - Custom Medals Creator & Manufacturer in France since 1928.

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Why Offer a Custom Artistic Medal?

FIA - Offering a Custom Artistic Medal

Custom medals are awarded in a wide range of circumstances:

  • Commemorating a special event such as an anniversary, an official visit, an inauguration, an international meeting, a new company identity ,etc – the opportunity for creating a customized medal ;
  • Honoring individuals such as long-term employees, sport competitors, dedicated citizens, etc.- they will be proud of their customized medal ;
  • Reinforcing the community spirit and shared values within companies, associations , army corps, government agencies, etc. -why not create a customized medal ?

The bronze medals are cherished by their recipients as a token for a specific achievement, and are appreciated especially for their inspired artwork, the precision of the tool engraving, the quality of the material and the know-how displayed in the stamping and finishing work.

Your Future Creation

If you believe that creating a beautiful personalised medal will serve as a timeless symbol or a touch of eternity, then let us help you in that task.

In the process of creating your custom medal, we will work with you to create the artwork which will convey your message or your identity, making the best use of the medal maker’s know-how while staying within your budget. We will suggest and discuss with you specifics such as size, shape, material, type of relief, metal finishing, touches of colour, polishing, specific attachments for your medal. Then we help you create the most appropriate presentation for your medal depending upon the expectations of your recipients, the number distributed and your budget.

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Creating Custom Medals: Points to Keep in Mind

At this stage, two constraints associated with the complex medal-making profession need to be pointed out:

  • A minimum manufacturing time of 6 to 8 weeks is necessary to create and manufacture the personalised medal, once the artwork has been finalized.
  • A minimum order of 30 pieces for stamped bronze medals and 50 pieces for insignias and coins is required to justify the creation of a custom tool and the launch of a manufacturing batch. Because they are handcrafted, the bronze casting medals can be ordered in smaller quantities.