Custom die-struck medals


Thanks to our engraving techniques, we are able to offer different types of relief according to the artwork of the customized medal:


The engraved relief or 3D relief.

The engraved relief or 3D relief is used for showing the volume of an object, a building, a shield or a character.
Its implementation requires the creation of a 3D sculpture that will be reproduced on the stamping die.

Customized Medals - Relief - 2D Simple Relief

The simple relief or 2D relief.

The simple relief or 2D relief consists of different flat stacked levels showing a logo, a shield or a simple object. Simple relief is made on a CNC milling machine.

Customized Medals - Relief - Intaglio or Sunken Relief

The intaglio relief or sunken relief.

Intaglio relief (or sunken relief) is developed as a line drawing, the lines being stamped on a recessed level. This relief consists of only two levels: the medal surface and the recessed level. The dark antique silver patina or bronze plating blackens the recessed details and reveals the artwork as a pencil drawing. This relief is achieved through an EDM (spark erosion) operation made on the die. Often, it is combined with simple or engraved reliefs to prevent the medal side-view from being too flat.

Customized Medals - Relief - Medals with Curved Backgrounds

Medals with curved backgrounds.

The bottom level of a medal can be shaped to get different effects. The curved effect may be completely round or flatter in the middle, and it may take specific forms. A single logo in raised or recessed relief matches well with the curved background effect. EDM techniques (spark erosion) are used in making those curved backgrounds stamping dies.

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