Gifts with 73mm (2.9″) Medals

Your 73mm (2.9″) diameter medal can embellish and customize a gift that could be used every day. And year after year, you may change your gifts while still keeping the same medal.

The pieces described below are examples of the gifts decorated with a 73mm (2.9″) diameter medal that we currently offer. But our product range is always growing and we may create new customized gifts basing on our customers’ requests.

FIA Gifts with 73mm (2,9") diameter Medals

The “Coupelle”

We invented the “coupelle” more than 50 years ago for the French Navy. Since then, it has become a collector’s item because hundreds of them have been created over time showing the medals of many historical ships.

Through the flared shape of the silver plated bowl, the light reflection on the silver coating nicely illuminates the medal inside.

The medal is stamped in a thin bronze disc (2mm/0.08″) in a mask-like moulded way.

  • Measures of the silver plated bowl: 110*25mm (4.3*1″).

It comes either in a blue gift box (115*115*30mm / 4.5*4.5*1.2″) or in a jewellery box (140*140*40mm / 5.5*5.5*1.6″).

In both cases, the package features a small acrylic display support for assembling.

The “Coupelle” with a colored Medal of the French Navy

The “Coupelle” in its Blue Gift Box and on its Acrylic Support

The “Coupelle” packaged in its Jewellery Box

The Paperweight Box

Also a collector’s item, this paperweight can be opened to store a few items in its blue velvet coated interior compartment.

The medal tops this elegant cylindrical box. A special mention may be added at the back of the medal.

  • Measures: 78*20mm (3.1*0.8″).

It can be packed either in a blue gift box (115*115*30mm / 4.5*4.5*1.2″) or in a jewellery-box (140*140*40mm / 5.5*5.5*1.6″).

A blue velvet coated interior compartment and a mention added at the back of the lid

The Paperweight Box in its Blue Gift Box

The Paperweight Box packaged in its Jewellery Box

The Crystal Glass Paperweight

With its trendy shape, it combines the transparency of its glass base with the reflections of the medal.

  • Measures: 90*90*20mm (3.5*3.5*0.8″).

It comes in a blue gift box (115*115*30mm / 4.5*4.5*1.2″).

The Crystal Glass Paperweight

The Crystal Glass Paperweight with two rounded corners

The Crystal Glass Paperweight packaged in its Blue Gift Box

The Round Box

This beautiful box is always useful for storing jewellery or paper clips.

The thin medal fixed on the lid is slightly curved. Inside, the nickel plated box is coated with soft black velvet.

  • Measures: 80*30mm (3.1*1.2″).

It comes in a blue gift box (115*115*40mm / 4.5*4.5*1.6″).

The Round Box

The Round Box inside coated with black velvet

The Round Box packaged in its Blue Gift Box

The Magnifier

A 73mm (2.9″) diameter medal decorates this magnifier. On your desk, this magnifier will prove both stylish and useful.

  • Measures: 74*20mm (2.9*0.8″).

It comes in a blue paper case.

The Magnifier

Side view of the Magnifier

The Magnifier in its Blue Paper Case

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