Material, size and shape for medals


Medals can be stamped in bronze or sometimes in sterling silver.

Bronze represents a 98% of our stamped creations with a material price of around 10 € per kg.

Medals stamped in bronze can be finished as bronze medals, but they can also be gold plated or silver plated. For additional details on plating and metal finishing, please refer to the corresponding section on this website.

Medals in stamped sterling silver have a special lustre that cannot be matched by silver plated bronze. However, given that the price of their material is about 900 € per kg, their final price is much higher.

FIA - Material of our Medals

73mm (2.9″) Medal stamped in Bronze with a Bronze Finishing

73mm (2.9″) Medal stamped in Bronze with an Antique Silver Plating

73mm (2.9″) Medal stamped in Sterling Silver


FIA - Different Sizes of Medals

The size of customized stamped medals ranges between 50mm (2″) and 90mm (3.5″) for round medals and 110mm (4.3″) for rectangular medals.

This maximum size is set by the 400-ton power of our largest stamping press.

50mm / 2″

60mm / 2.4″

65mm / 2.6″

73mm / 2.9″

81mm / 3.2″

90mm / 3.5″


Most of our customized medals have a simple shape:

  • Round or oval: they can be lathed to show a clean edge.
  • Square or rectangular: in this case, the edges are sheared and polished.

But medals can also take on more elaborate shapes if a specific cutting tool is created in addition to the stamping die.


Round Shape

Oval Shape

Rectangular Shape

Specific Shape

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