Coins and medals

Creating your customized coins and medals


Discover the coins and medals created by the French manufacturer, FIA Medals and order a unique commemorative coin or award medal as a gift souvenir, an honorary gift or a token of precious memories manufactured with the traditional processes of metal engraving and stamping. FIA Medals’ engravers create coins, medals and trophies for companies and institutions all around the globe, thanks to the renowned excellence and precise quality of their artwork and craftsmanship.

Established in southeast of France since 1928, FIA medals has kept the traditional methods and know-hows of medal-making, from die or model engraving to brass stamping or bronze sandcasting. FIA Medals creates customized medals and coins for single or multiple orders, for any occasion, offering a vast array of design possibilities.

Share your creative ideas with us and allow our designers and engravers to skillfully elaborate an artwork for your approval. FIA Medals will help you transposing your image or your message into a beautiful, long lasting piece of metal art. For quotes or any further information about our coins and medals, please contact us.