Commemorative medals by the French specialist

Commemorative medals – an everlasting honour

FIA - Military Golden Coin with a Coloured Face
A colourful medal for a new type of boat

FIA Medals, the traditional French manufacturer of medals, coins and insignias for special events and awards ceremonies of many companies and institutions all around the world, puts its nearly 100 years old knowhow into the creation of commemorative medals. A medal stamped in bronze, sterling silver or gold will serve as a token for a specific achievement or an outstanding contribution but also as a timeless symbol for a specific event or anniversary.

FIA - Offering a Custom Artistic Medal
Offering a commemorative medal

FIA Medals’commemorative medal designs are manufactured by using the traditional process of engraving a custom die, stamping the medals, and  applying a specific metal finishing, a traditional knowhow which allow creating  fine quality medals. Whether you have just a few ideas about what your creation should look like or you have been thinking about a precise artwork for a long time, our design department will help you define precisely the artwork for your project and how it should be transposed into the metal.

Feel free to learn about FIA Medal design and production services; if you would like any further information about ordering a commemorative medal, please feel free to contact us.