Custom medal manufacturing: a traditional art


Custom medal manufacturing: fine quality French medal maker

Our company, FIA Medals is specialized in custom medal manufacturing. We received from the French State, the “Living Heritage Company” label as a mark of recognition for the excellence of our traditional and industrial skills. Established in southeastern France since 1928, the  company has an exceptional expertise in die and model engraving, bronze stamped and casted medals, in gold, bronze and silver finishing.

You may order events or awards medals created by a custom medal manufacturing expert for medals of the finest quality : a long-lasting honorific gift of recognition, a prize for winners or a beautiful item to celebrate a special event. We can design, produce and ship your medals anywhere in the world. Please share with us your creative ideas for the medal’s artwork, set your budget and our design department will propose a model for your approval.

As a French medal maker, we are at your disposal for custom medals, trophies, insignias, coins and specialty gifts… if you would like any further information about FIA Medals and our custom medal manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Bronze medal for a University