Custom medals created with traditional craftsmanship

Offer custom medals in a wide range of circumstances

If you are planning on commemorating a special event such as an anniversary, an inauguration or a new company identity, on honoring individuals such as long-term employees or on reinforcing the community spirit and shared values within your organization, FIA Medals has the expertise and experience to create and produce a custom medal that will perfectly fit your event. As a long established company near France’s second largest city – Lyon -, FIA Medals designs and manufactures custom-made medals for many organizations, all over the world. Recognized for its traditional knowhow, FIA Medals proposes its expertise online in the creation of outstanding awards and in engraving and stamping technologies.

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FIA - Custom Medals - Possibilities of Design

Guided by its experience in fine quality medals production, FIA Medals can help you define the artwork for your custom medal. Available in gold, silver or bronze finishing, with or without enamel colours on them, the medals offer many possibilities of design: logos, portraits, landscapes, buildings or texts…

Feel free to learn more about our medals, coins and insignia creations and please contact us for any further information you may require.