Engraved medals for awards and commemorations

An expert in engraved medals: the FIA Medals company

For nearly a century, FIA Medals has engraved custom dies and stamped medals for a wide range of commemorations, award ceremonies, and special events. The French specialist produces fine quality medals using the timeless processes of engraving dies and stamping medals mostly on bronze, sterling silver and gold metals.

Based near the city of Lyon, FIA Medals is a long established expert in engraved medals, coins and insignias, and supplies many organizations all over the world, in business, education, sports or defense fields, for examples. Metal work and engraving skills are combined to create a unique medal masterpiece: a timeless way to honour a winner in a competition, to recognize an outstanding contribution or to celebrate a special anniversary.

The moment you share your ideas for an engraved medal, the FIA Medals team will start proposing different solutions to transpose your artwork on a medal, engraving it into the metal with several options in terms of metal finishing. Discover more about how to order a custom-made, engraved medal and if you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.