Event medals with fine quality

Event Medals- Precious Rewards and Gifts

FIA - Offering a Custom Artistic Medal

FIA Medals, the traditional French producer of event medals, trophies, coins and insignias for companies, institutions, clubs and associations, ships its fine work all over the world. Renowned for the excellence of its engraving and stamping techniques in the medal-making field, FIA Medals is one of the last companies with this rare and traditional expertise and creates gold, silver and bronze events medals of outstanding quality.

Either for a special event, awards ceremony or commemoration, or as a personal gift, FIA Medals creates a fully-customized event medal, in stamped bronze or sand-casted bronze foundry, its design being inspired by your creative ideas and best representing your event, your message and your identity. Our design department will help you define precisely the artwork for your project and how it should be transposed to the metal. Once you agree with our proposed artwork, then you send it back to us with your approval signature.

When preparing the proposed artwork, there are many possibilities: medals may show a portrait, a building, a landscape, a logo, a shield and much more; a medal captures a moment, honors the recipient and is a unique sign of value.

If you would like to order event medals or require any further information about our services, please feel free to contact us.