French medals: fine quality medals for your ceremonies

French medals: tradition and technology

A gold plated stamped medal with enemaled colors

As a custom medal, choose French Medals created by FIA Medals, an established manufacturer based in the south-east of France since 1928. FIA Medals combines tradition and technology to design and manufacture fine quality French medals for special events, as a timeless gift, a souvenir or to commemorate an important date…

French medals offer a choice of material, size and shape with a unique design adapted to the traditional metal engraving techniques. Our expert team engrave into metal a company logo, a portrait, a landscape, a building or a shield and in doing so, transform any symbolic image you desire into a beautiful stamping work on gold, bronze or sterling silver medals.

Discover the choice between different medals and types of finishing, including colouring, polishing and 3D relief for a classic or modern medal design. FIA Medals helps you consolidating your creative ideas for the artwork and assessing your budget for creating custom-made medals, coins and insignias. If you would like any further information about ordering a French medal, please feel free to contact us.