Gold, silver, bronze medals: a fine tradition


Gold, silver and bronze medals for a wide range of circumstances


Our Company, FIA Medals is the French specialist in designing and manufacturing gold, silver and bronze medals for commemorations, celebrations, recognition awards, and for a wide range of circumstances  such as honouring individuals, celebrating an anniversary or an official visit.  The medals are manufactured using the traditional stamping process: we engrave a die with the negative artwork and then we stamp the gold, silver or bronze medal discs, before the medals undergo specific surface treatments in order to reach the final appearance that was chosen by the customer.

For your company, your institution or your association, our Company FIA Medals can meet the requirements for a small order (minimum 30 pieces) or a much larger quantity  .We welcome our customers’ creative ideas which will be transformed into a beautiful customized medal thanks to our long-standing knowhow in medal making.

FIA Medals can create gold, silver or bronze medals; naturally, the customers have the choice of material, size and shape, as well as the medal’s artwork which can include a landscape, a building, a logo or a portrait…our design options also include 2D or 3D relief, enamel colouring and high polishing…

Feel free to discover more about our Company FIA Medals manufacturing process and please contact us for advice about any projects.