Make your own medal with FIA Medals

Make your own medal: a unique and honorific gift

Make your own medal with FIA Medals, the company specialized in creating custom stamped medals, bronze casting medals, trophies, insignias and coins. Discover the craftsmanship and artistic know-how of a manufacturer which has preserved the excellence of its traditional and industrial skills. Founded in the southeast of France in 1928, FIA Medals has created medals for organizations all over the world and is a recognized master in its field.

Whether you are a corporation, a school, a sports association or any other associations and organizations, FIA Medals creates medals for your events, awards and commemorations as soon as you need a minimum quantity of 30 pieces : you can make your own medal as a timeless symbol of shared values, a special recognition gift or an anniversary commemoration.

Discover our traditional and excellent know-how : FIA Medals’ designers and engravers show their outstanding skills in creating unique medals in bronze, sterling silver and gold metals with a choice of different reliefs, finishing, colouring or polishing for your project. Once you have approved the detailed description and price quotation of your project, our team of experts will provide a model of the proposed medal’s artwork based on your creative ideas and requirements. If you would like any further information about making your own medal design, please feel free to contact us.