Personalised award medals – traditional craftsmanship

Personalised award medals – An honorable gift

FIA Medals is a long-standing company, specialized in the manufacturing of medals which serves all kinds of organizations, all around the world. The company was created in 1928 by a French jeweler. FIA Medals has inherited the traditional skills of stamping precious metals and now offers, among other outstanding items, personalised award medals for ceremonies, celebrations and anniversaries.

Fine quality award medals can be produced in different materials: bronze, sterling silver or gold , using both traditional engraving and stamping methods, and new technologies. No creative idea is over ambitious thanks to our long experience and artistry.

Personalised Award Medals - Anniversary
Personalized Award Medals - Magnifier

To complete the creation of a personalised award medal, FIA Medals also offers a choice of elegant packaging and display supports. There are many ways to present a beautiful medal: it could be presented in a nice packaging or a designed display support but it could also be used to customize a useful item such as a magnifier or a paperweight.

Allow our expertise to help you create your own personalised award medals: FIA Medals assists customers in defining which customized award is needed, assessing their budget and finalizing their project. If you would like any further information about our award medals, insignias or coins, please contact us.