School medals: quality award medals

School medals: Customised medals for your school awards

FIA Medals, the specialized manufacturer of medals in southeast of France creates and manufactures unique and limited editions of school medals for institutions all over the world. Renowned for its excellence and fine quality, the French company uses traditional stamping dies and sand casting processes with inimitable creative skills thanks to its team of expert designers and engravers.

Create customized school medals to commemorate your school’s history, to pass on your school’s spirit or for  special events  such as anniversaries, outstanding achievements, sport competitions, dedicated services… Any theme can be transposed into the medal’s artwork for a truly personalised reward honoring your staff and students.

FIA Medals has the traditional know-how to create and manufacture medals in bronze, gold or sterling silver for any event and is at your disposal to transform your creative ideas into a unique and precious item. Feel free to view examples of our creations and our working processes. Whether you have a few ideas about what your school medal should look like, or a precise artwork you have been thinking about for a long time, our design department will help you designing the detailed artwork of your project. Then we will provide a proposal summarizing the material, the size and shape, the type of relief, the metal finishing and eventually the colouring and high polish finishing touches that we intend to use on your customized award. Taking these different characteristics into account, we will provide you with an accurate budget for your project. So feel free to contact us about any future projects or queries.